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March 2, 2011
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Lineart with too many details by Limboplus Lineart with too many details by Limboplus
Lovely title, isn't it?

Big, detailed, and horrible to color. Totally my style. :)

On picture:
My original character - Kluska and her two headed guardian spirit - Myszołów. Names in English: Dumpling and Buzzard. I'm self-proclaimed master in giving to every character stupid names. Oh, yes.

Kluska's story looks like that: she lost her memories. All of them. Lucky for her she meet Myszołów, while didn't knowing so he is the reason of her amnesia - obviously she forgotten. She lost her past, because refusal to spirit proposition: to work for him. Myszołów wasn't so bad spirit, that why he asked once again. In reward he promised to return girl most of her memories and didn't mention so he stoled them. Kluska agreed then.
Now she working with Great Spirit o Memories and Recall - Myszołów, taking care of any forgotten memory and trying to return it to owner. Girl remember, so she lost some important memories and searcjing them beyond others while working. Myszołów doesn't want to be lonely, and not planning return rest of past to Kluska.

Obviously Archdemon of Oblivion [link] is their archenemy.

And yes, i made this story now, thats it was so chaotic.
If you wanna color it, try do it.
You may, erase some elements, scale image, cut it, rearrange elements, etc. Its OK, so long as you relink to original.

other versions on megaupload:
.png (transparent)[link]
.psd (2 layers, photoshop) [link]
.xcf (2 layers, gimp) [link]

inform me if there are any problems with downloading
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PrinOchiiMei May 5, 2012
My colored version of your lineart: [link]
Dragon-princess08 Mar 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, this is really amazing! Might try this on the train tomorrow to pass time. :)
Llunet1 Mar 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I finished coloring! :D
Llunet1 Feb 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ooh. I like it!! :D
Maybe I'll color it XD (If I find the patience to go through that level of detail)
Llunet1 Feb 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:3 Already starting to color it. X3 I'll comment when it's done :D
Lol I wonder if anyone saying they were gonna try actually got anywhere on it XD Beautiful work~ if i had a tablet id try my hand at it myself
wow! its awesome! just what I was looking for! finally a lineart that is not boring and plain. im coloring it right now. it will look awesome! im so excited!
Thanks, obviously it will look awesome after your coloring, don't dare to think different. :)
a ja się podejmę wyzwania :] zobaczymy co wyjdzie
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